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PLEASE NOTE – At this time due to our severely reduced level of resources
we can only consider critical situations regarding animal rescue requests.

                                           Scott & Diana of MaxMan Reptile Rescue

If you would like more information about the fire visit: MaxMan Reptile Rescue Sustains Devastating Fire


Maximillian Thorpe, aka MaxMan at 8 years old, 5 feet long, and 15 lbs.

Our hope is to present, promote, and educate about reptiles. We hope by gaining a greater knowledge of reptiles you will join us in our appreciation for them and wish to protect them.

This site is dedicated to our amazing reptilian friends, providing links to care sheets, support sites and information. MaxMan Reptile Rescue’s mission is to increase knowledge, awareness, and education about reptiles as pets; respecting and providing for reptiles; encouraging proper care; enabling proper animal selections; and advocating for proper handling and environments.

We offer educational seminars to schools, civic groups, etc. MaxMan also provides consultations, assistance, foster and adoption programs, and reptile rescue and relocation. We are active in the Central New York area. Be sure to check out our Calendar of Events to find out where you can meet our reptiles and chat with our wonderful volunteers. We’d love to see you!

Did You Know?

According to the American Veterinarian Association, there are now about 2.8 million reptile pets in American homes, including turtles, snakes, and lizards. This is based on the last census done in 2001.

However, according to a 2009 survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturing Association, there are now 13.6 million reptile pets in American homes!

United States Association of Reptile Keepers

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