Reptile Rescue/Adoption

MaxMan Reptile Rescue is dedicated to the humane treatment of all animals, but specifically reptiles. Our Mission in rescue is to save reptiles from neglectful or abusive homes and to provide sanctuary to reptiles whose homes can no longer house or provide for them.

Our Mission in adoption is to seek out and provide loving homes to adoptable reptiles.

Relinquishment Information

MaxMan Reptile Rescue is willing to accept herptiles voluntarily relinquished by owners who no longer want them and/or can care for them. Under these circumstances, we request your cooperation and understanding.

In conjunction with the relinquishment, we require that you donate all the housing and equipment for the reptile. This makes the transition easiest for the reptile to remain in an environment it is familiar with – decreasing stress for the animal. All new animals to the Rescue environment remain in quarantine so as not to affect the established collection of animals. Having the reptile remain in its own enclosure is the safest way to accomplish this for the relinquished reptile.

There is a relinquishment fee for all reptiles. This fee goes directly to the reptile’s future care and veterinarian consultation. We request that you be understanding about this fee. After all, if you are seeking the finest future home for your animal, this is one way we can accomplish this goal.

These are our current relinquishment fees:

  • $40 for small reptiles, such as geckos, small snakes, etc.
  • $60 for water turtles, such as red-eared sliders and non-native species.
  • $140 for large/giant reptiles, such as boas, iguanas, and monitors.

Rescue Information

MaxMan Reptile Rescue will provide for or assist to find new homes for reptiles and amphibians in need of new homes.

This includes herptiles from:

  • Neglectful homes
  • Abusive situations
  • Confiscation by Animal Control or Law Enforcement
  • Owners seeking new homes for their reptiles
  • And more…

Adoption Information

A variety of reptiles are available for adoption through MaxMan. Additionally, as members of the Upstate Herpetological Association, there are several other opportunities to adopt.

Any interested party may contact MaxMan Reptile Rescue to apply for adoption. Applications must be completed and approved for adopting reptiles, especially retiles that require advanced help care, including large snakes, iguanas, etc. References will be required and assistance for all reptiles placed with be provided.

Please understand that there is an adoption fee associated with each animal adopted from MaxMan Reptile Rescue. This helps to ensure the animals are going to a dedicated home and helps defray the costs associated with care and husbandry of all of the adoption animals. This fee must be paid at the time of the adoption.

These are our current adoption fees:

  • Ranging from $25 to $75 depending on the particular reptile.

If you are interested in adopting one of our reptiles, please fill out this application.

Important Notice: Please be advised that MaxMan Reptile Rescue DOES NOT ship adoption animals. Reptiles are adopted to home within the Central New York area only. Shipping causes additional stress and since these animals are all rescued, many have suffered severe stress in the recent past. Therefore, for the welfare of all the animals, reptiles will not be shipped.

Additionally, the cost of shipping couples with the cost of adoption makes this method economically prohibitive. Thank you for your understanding.