Reptile Bios

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Ever wonder what makes a reptile a reptile?

In order to be considered a reptile an animal must:
  • Be cold blooded (be an ectotherm)
  • Have thick skin to minimize water loss
  • Lay eggs
  • Have scales
  • Breathe air
  • Camouflaged
Reptiles are found in four categories:
  • Lizards – A reptile (with or without legs) having eyelids, outer ears, and a solid lower jaw.
  • Snakes – A legless reptile with no eyelids or outer ears, and with a divided lower jaw useful for stretching the mouth around large prey.
  • Tortoises/Turtles – A reptile with a backbone modified into a shell. Some live on land and some live in the water.
  • Alligators/Crocodiles – A semi-aquatic reptile with legs that can be held either out to the sides like a lizard, or underneath for galloping.

It’s important to note that reptiles are born on land, whereas amphibians, who may seem similar, are born in the water.